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The Melbourne Coffee scene in 1995 would be almost unrecognizable by today’s standards

Back then, there were a handful of large companies that dominated the espresso coffee market. Some of these companies even imported roasted coffee by sea to Australia from Europe. The market was looking for something new and dynamic, and Coffico Coffee was developed to pioneer a new age of thinking in the coffee industry. Its founders George Zissis and Tony Conversano were determined to provide a new option for the coffee industry that was based on flexibility, quality and service.

Roasting coffee fresh every day in their small Coburg North factory, they were able to create blends to suit their customers’ needs. Coupled with a strong knowledge in coffee machine service and repair they were able to provide the complete cafe solution. It wasn’t long before the demand for their coffee, that was blended and roasted to suit the growing Melbourne market, far exceeded their capacity.

Moving to their current location only a few streets away from where they originally started. Coffico Coffee has undergone a massive transformation over the past 28 years. From its humble beginnings it has become one of Melbourne’s largest commercial coffee roasters. Now boasting coffee roasters capable of producing over 150 tonne a week. In its modern and HACCP accredited production plant, we now supply coffee to most states in Australia as well as overseas.

Even with all this growth we have not lost sight of the key factors that make our coffee the best in Melbourne. Consistency, Quality and Service. These three words are the cornerstone of our business philosophy. We aim to provide the same exceptional cup of quality coffee time and time again so that our customers can be confident in the product they are serving. As well as providing a service second to none.

With our purpose built barista training centre and retail shop, we can provide you with everything you need for the complete cafe solution. Our experienced staff can help you select the perfect blend for your cafe, home or office. We can even assist with creating your own personal blend with our contract roasting and custom packaging options

At Coffico Coffee we can achieve it all.