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Perfecting your skills, to create the finest cup of coffee.

To create great coffee takes passion.

To create the perfect cup of coffee requires two important things – a fine blend of coffee and the skill to create a masterpiece in every cup. By using Coffico Coffee, you already have one of the two essential ingredients for success. We can also offer those with a passion to learn the barista’s craft, the knowledge to become a master barista.

To assist you in making your next cup of coffee even better, Coffico Coffee  provides a range of specialised barista training courses that cover all levels of experience – from complete beginner, right through to specialized master classes.

All sessions are held in our purpouse built coffee school in Coburg North.

We encourage you, your staff and your associates to join us for an in-house session.

By attending a course, you’ll learn really helpful and practical skills and best of all – you’ll be able to enjoy some outstanding coffee while you do.


$99.00 for 4 hours

Starting out in the coffee scene? Or just want to hone your existing skills? Then this course created for beginners is a fantastic place to start. Included in the course you’ll learn:

- The important steps to commercial coffee machine proficiency

- Preparing your equipment for the better result

- Espresso extraction and milk texturing

- How to make all espresso based drinks to a high professional standard

- End of day cleaning and keeping your machine in good running order


$150.00 for 2.5 hours

This course is suited to proficient baristas wanting to step it up. If you’re looking to get more performance from your machine, or receive professional feedback on your coffee making technique, you will benefit from this session.

In the course you’ll learn:

- Coffee theory, the science of making a great cup, and real practical skills 

- The decision making process - adjusting the grinder and machine for perfect extraction.

- What can affect your coffee – we discuss coffee age, storage, water quality, the grinder and your extraction yield.

Please note that attendees of the advanced course are required to have attended the beginner course first.

Master Class

Pricing , times and available teachers will be updated as they become available.

To be the best, you need to be trained by the best. Coffico is fortunate to have access to some real industry experts who will impart their in-depth knowledge and experiences on creating great coffee. Here’s just a sample of what can be covered:

- Informative classes that tap each teacher’s knowledge and their field of experience.

- Latte Art and presenting your coffees

- Entering and competing in Barista competitions

- Cold filtered coffee

- Specialized coffee tasting

- Coffee origin cupping

These classes make for a fantastic learning experience for all attendees, so keep checking out this page for upcoming events.


Bookings & Information 

If you’d like to find out more about training session times, make a booking, or learn more about a Coffico Course or Product, feel free to contact us.