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At Coffico coffee we understand that sometimes you want to create something special that belongs just to you.

Contract Roasting is a significant part of our bussiness. We have partnered with many cafés and franchises to create the perfect solution to their coffee needs. With over 40 years of blending and roasting experience, we can help you create your perfect coffee blend or single origin to suit your needs.

Our master roaster understands that roasting and blending coffee is both a science and an art and we can help you select the right beans to create or recreate the prestige of your brand. We can work with you to create a new blend or we can faithfully reproduce a proven blend that you have already developed. Captivate the senses of your customers with the character of your brand combining your specifications with our experience.

By trusting us to do the roasting and packaging, your business can be sure of a consistent quality product and by utilising our proven HACCP quality assurance program, you can be confident of perfection in every cup. You also have the benefit of not needing to invest large amounts of capital in expensive equipment or to spend time developing the expertise needed to roast and package your own coffee.

Our custom packaging option gives you the distinct advantage of furthering your brand and creating your niche within the market. Whether you are a new or established café, a chain of franchise stores, a supermarket, or a company that sells coffee online, we will work with you to build the custom packaging look you are striving for.

If you’d like to find out more about custom packaging and contract roasting then  contact us.

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